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Self contained and through-wall cooling unit diagram


Starting at $809

Self-contained, through-wall cooling units fit in the space between wall studs between rooms and offer the easiest and cheapest way to cool your cellar. (Best for basements & venting into unused rooms.)

Split system cooling unit diagram

Split Systems

Starting at $1365

Split systems "split" up the cooling unit condenser from the evaporator, allowing for flexible installation and a quieter wine cellar. These units allow you to put the noisy condenser in place where noise isn't an issue.

Ducted system cooling unit diagram

Fully Ducted

Starting at $3589

Ducted systems are available as both self-contained and split systems. Cooling units can be placed 25 ducted feet away from the cellar and allows for the most flexible installation assuring minimal noise and visual disruption.

Whisperkool Cooling Units

Slimline Cooling Units


Starting at $1649

Low profile self-contained cooling unit designed to go over the door

Whisperkool Self-Contained Cooling Units

SC Standard

Starting at $1699

SC Series units are quality interior installation through-wall units

Whisperkool Self-Contained Cooling Units

SC Extreme

Starting at $2999

Through-wall & Ducted cooling systems for Extreme ambient temperatures

Whisperkool Mini Split Ceiling Mounted Cooling Units

Ceiling Mounted Split

Starting at $3449

Virtually invisible way to cool your cellar with ceiling installation

Whisperkool Split System Cooling Units

Split Systems

Starting at $2649

Best in class split systems by Whisperkool

Whisperkool Fully Ducted Cooling Units

Fully Ducted

Starting at $3589

Fully ducted systems allowing for remote cooling and exhaust placement

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